There are MANY ways to write a script. Don’t let your brain get stuck just because you’re using Word instead of Final Draft. We’ve produced so many videos off a Google document that it’s embarrassing.

So here are a few simple solutions to writing a script.


This is really one of the easiest. You can collab with other people easily which makes it great if you’re assembling a crew. Also, don’t worry if it doesn’t look like one of those fancy pants Hollywood scripts. It just needs to communicate well, it doesn’t have to adhere to industry standard formatting if it’s just between you and your friends.


This is the gold standard of script writing. It’s expensive though and not really worth purchasing for our festival. We just want you to know it’s out there.


If you want your scripts to look like a script. This is your best bet. It’s all in the cloud these days but it has a free option that should let you write to your hearts content. However, it’s not as friendly as Word or Google Docs if you are sharing your scripts around. Protip, export as an RTF. Everyone can read an RTF.


Just as good as a Google Doc. Some may say it’s even better. We’ll let you decide.
That’s it really, any one of those options should get your started. So start writing a good rule of thumb to help you judge timing is one page in a typical script format is one minute of time.

Enjoy your writing process and get to it. We can’t wait to see what you come up with!